Floor Polishing/Coatings/Anti Slip Treatments

We at The Nolans Group offer a number of systems to restore various floor surfaces from natural stonework to man-made finishes.

Machine Buffing
Machine buffing with graded pads, sealers & floor restorers to bring synthetic floors like wood lino floors to a semi-sheen. This process would need to be repeated a number of times per year depending on foot traffic.
We also offer floor stripping of old sealers back to original to allow the new sealer & floor restorers to be applied sucessfully.
Diamond Polishing
Diamond polishing on natural stone floors with a graded diamond polish pad that natutally polishes the stone to a 'showroom' finish. With this system there is no need to apply sacraficial sealing systems.
We recommend this service be carried out every 3-4 months depending on foot traffic to maintain high standards particularly in lobbies and reception areas. 
Sealing Natural Stone & Colour Enhancing
We have a number of sealers and colour enhancers that bring out the true colour of your tired looking stone floor finishes. All our sealers are permeable, transparent and impregnate the surface. Most of our sealers are a 3-5 year re-coating system which will keep maintenance costs down.

Please see the pictures above for some examples and contact us for more information in this regard.
Anti-Slip System
This system is used mainly in lobby/reception areas, malls & around swimming pools where the mix of moisture on the floor and heavy foot traffic lead to an increased risk of slipping and injury.
Using our hi-tech 'Friction Meter' we can calculate how much friction is on a floors surface area and how much risk there is of slipping.

If there is a high risk of slipping we can apply our unique system that creates small pockets in the stone to create a suction (not visible to the eye) and therefore increase friction on the floor even when wet. Following this treatment we will then furnish another friction reading to our client showing them the increased friction levels in the floor.

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Floor Polishing/Coatings/Anti-Slip Treatments

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