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Brick/Stone Cleaning – Contract Cleaning

Brick Cleaning – Stone Cleaning:

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We currently serve a number of clients in the construction industry for contract cleaning and at present are working on over 40 contracts within the greater Dublin area. We deal with many of the largest developers in the construction industry and would be happy to provide testimonials on request.

Our unique process of brick cleaning and stone cleaning removes tough New Brick Mortar, Plaster, and Salt treatments staining from a variety of surfaces. This system is very popular with the construction industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Deepens and enriches the colour of the brick
  • Removes all mortar & Plaster staining
  • Brings the brick back to the way it came off the pallet
  • This process is recommended by The Lagan Group, one of the biggest brick suppliers in Ireland
  • Seperating you from your competition
  • Recommended for prestige and first impression

Carbon Removal

We are experienced at removing black carbon staining. Our cleaning process can bring a number of substrates back to their natural beauty. We have recently become an approved contractor for the DOFF system. The DOFF is a steam based system that can reach temperatures of up to 150°C which makes it ideal for removing stubborn carbon staining as well paint. The DOFF is an ideal system to use on sensitive substrates as it uses pure steam and in most cases reduces/removes the requirement to use a chemical process.

Internal Builders Cleans

Our experienced team of internal contract cleaning staff carry out internal cleaning to the highest possible standard by being efficient and systemised ensuring we achieve the best possible results for our clients and leave any property ready for handover. A typical cleaning spec would include the following.

Contract Cleaning:

Working mostly with management companies, block developments & commercial office industry we offer weekly and bi-weekly scheduled visits to clean and maintain common area/work spaces to a high standard as part of our contract construction cleaning services. At consultation stage we listen to our clients requirements, expected time frames and hone in on the small details to ensure we meet their expectations.

An agreed cleaning specification is then drawn up and this detail is posted in each common area with a sign off sheet ensuring quality is maintained.

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