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Paint Removal – Carbon Removal

Paint Removal:

Experts In Removing Paint From Metal, Stone, Brick, Wood, Concrete

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There are multiple ways for paint removal from substrates and we have the knowledge & experience to recommend to our clients what is the correct approach to take for removing from metals, stone, wood, brick, and concrete.


Abrasive process used on metals, rough stone & concrete to remove paint. Not suitable for use on brick for removing paint. See more in the Sandblasting section of the website.

Chemical Emulsifying

We would carry out 2-4 weak applications to remove paint coatings which protects the substrate from harsh chemical treatment & surface etching. We would always carry out a sample for this option as we can establish the number of applications required before going ahead with the works.

Poultice System

Our poultice system is very effective at removing multiple layers of paint from a variety of substrates and is an alternative to the above to options as it can be used internally as well as externally.

Carbon Removal

We are experienced at removing black carbon staining. Our cleaning process can bring a number of substrates back to their natural beauty. We have recently become an approved contractor for the DOFF system. The DOFF is a steam based system that can reach temperatures of up to 150°C which makes it ideal for removing stubborn carbon staining as well paint. The DOFF is an ideal system to use on sensitive substrates as it uses pure steam and in most cases reduces/removes the requirement to use a chemical process.

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