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Why Nolans Group Conservation & Restoration?

Nolans Group Conservation & Restoration Ltd is a well-respected specialist conservation contractor with a team of highly skilled employees offering some of the most innovative methods and traditional skills. We have worked on some of the country’s largest and most significant conservation projects and have a long list of satisfied clients. Our conservation expert Shane Nolan serves on the board of the Building Limes Forum Ireland and has many years of experience in conservation & restoration. For a full list of services offered, please see the ‘Conservation & Restoration’ section of the website or call us, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

We do professional conservation and restoration work for the government, museums, and private clients. We have a professional studio for conservation, but we also offer services on-site.

We know that our buildings need to get repaired at one point, so we offer expert conservation of monuments and historic building restoration. We recreate and fix up churches, monuments, landmarks, and heritage buildings made of stone.

All buildings need to be taken care of. If you don’t stop it, decay and deterioration will worsen, and the average person might not even notice. We’ve been making plans for how to fix buildings and making sure we get set. It is especially true for buildings with important architecture. Our engineers and conservation architects have a lot of education, training, and years of experience. We also have a unique understanding of historic buildings conservation because we have done it for so long.

Our goal is to offer high-quality restoration and conservation in Ireland. Also, follow the best care standards for heritage objects. Years of work experience in Ireland have shaped the way we do business. We care deeply about keeping culture alive and are proud to work in this industry. 

Our Conservation Services In Ireland

In this case, “conservation” means keeping cultural history and buildings around for future generations. Conservation practices aim to keep something alive and keep it from getting hurt.

Conservators are experts who use their knowledge of scientific principles, conservation techniques, and the properties of different materials to figure out the finest way to keep things safe.

Why Choose Us for Restoration In Ireland?

Building restoration is both an art and a science that keeps and protects a building’s old parts. On the other hand, building restoration means restoring a building’s original shape and details after being lost or worn away over time.

For almost a century, experts have been restoring monuments in a quality way. You can count on us to get the quality job done, whether you need to fix a broken-down cathedral, restore an old monument, or improve worn-out writing. Our skilled stonemasons use new and creative ways to restore memorials, buildings, and churches to make them look better.

Moreover, we are well-known for our specialist cleaning services in Ireland. 

Now, Take a look at our highly in-demand services for conservation and restoration. If you need more information, please contact us.