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High Rise Window Cleaning

Working Mostly With Management Companies & Commercial Managers

We offer 2 options for window cleaning in Dublin.

  1. Window Cleaning by Hand
  2. Reach and Wash System

Window Cleaning Services

(by Hand / Hoist)

This system carried out by hand offers best results as it’s a more thorough clean than the Reach and Wash system. Window cleaning by hand allows for all window frames to be cleaned along with spiders nests which form in the corners of the glass/frame. Window cleaning by hand also leaves no streaking and produces a professional finish.

We would recommend this system be carried out 1-2 times per year and are fully certified and insured to carry out works to high rise buildings.

Window Cleaning Reach and Wash / Pole System

This system is a cheaper alternative to window cleaning by hand. We use a deionized water fed pole system that will reach up to 7 stories high. This is a maintenance system that would would recommend carrying out 3-4 times per year to keep windows looking their best. However if dirt is allowed to build up on windows this system would not be suitable and a clean by hand would be required initially.

To combine both systems we would recommend 1 clean by hand per year followed by 2 further cleans using the Reach and Wash system to ensure your windows are kept looking their best all year round.

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