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New Brick Cleaning

We currently serve over 50 clients in the construction industry for new brick treatment, exterior window cleaning and mastic works on windows, doors & expensions. We deal with many of the largest developers in the construction industry and would be happy to provide testimonials on request.

Our unique process of brick cleaning and stone cleaning removes new brick mortar, plaster and efflorescence staining from a variety of surfaces. This system is very popular with the construction industry for a variety of reasons:

  • Deepens and enriches the colour of the brick
  • Removes all mortar & Plaster staining
  • Brings the brick back to the way it came off the pallet
  • This process is recommended by The Lagan Group, one of the biggest brick suppliers in Ireland
  • Separating you from your competition
  • Recommended for prestige and first impression

Construction Window Cleaning (Exterior Only)

The Nolans Group specialise in the preparation and cleaning of construction windows in preparation of normal use. This in tales the following process
  • Carefully removing the plastic from the plaster edge and new window frame. Then removing the plastic covering from the glass.
  • Cleaning and removing the glue from the glass and window frame to a professional finish.
  • We don’t use blades when we are cleaning the glass as not to cause scratches to same. 

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Mastic Jointing Works:

The Nolans Group as part of our construction services offers a mastic jointing service for all exterior windows and doors and expansion joints. We also offer jointing service for interior sanitary wear and kitchen food prep areas. 

We can offer you two services. 

  1.  With Materials and skilled labour – To supply Skilled labour and mastic material to all joints.
  2. Skilled labour only – To supply Skilled labour only to apply the mastic to the following joints. Mastic material to be supplied by Customer.

Benefits of the Nolans Group Sealant works –

  1. We look after all your Sealant works and Brick treatments so no delays in dropping Scaffolding cost you rent per week.
  2. One Contractor looking after your exterior window cleaning, Brick Treatments and Sealant works.
  3. Manpower to make sure works get done on time, so not to effect other contractors and build schedules.
  4. No long Delays while waiting for your Sealant contractor.
  5. Quality Joints and even thickness / finishes
  6. All staff are certified for sites/hoists
  7. See attached for product Spec and Benefits.
  8. Please see our newly updated website for a full list of services –

Quality mastic material:

We only use a top quality mastic material that is available in over 40 colours and is designed for facades glazing and natural stone and brick. Our product is also fit for indoor and outdoor use which is very durable against temperature and weathering. It also has an excellent UV and mould resistance. The product works against most building material. Please see SDS Sheet on request.

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