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Sealing Treatment

Roof & Facades Sealing Treatment

We provide a number of facade sealing options for our clients that suit their project(s). All our sealers are transparent, permeable and impregnate the surface unlike sacrificial sealers.

We can seal almost any surface including brick, stone, masonry, render, roofs, patios

We have sealers to suit all budgets from a mid range product with a 3 year re-coat system to high end products with a 10 year re-coat system.

For modern buildings sealing allows moisture to ‘bead’ off the building preventing moisture ingress which can lead to brick spalding and blown/cracked render due to freeze thaw action.

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Sealing of Roofs

So when it comes to sealing, we have two systems to offer you.

  1. To seal the roof with our high end product that has a recoat system of 10 years. We would highly recommend considering sealing the roof following treatment because algae need two elements moisture & shade and with your roof being sealed the water will bead off your roof into your gutter system prolonging algae returning. This will also protect your roof from freeze-thaw action in winter which can crack your tiles or slate.
  2.  The second system we have to offer you is a sealer that has built in colour tint. This system acts in two ways. One to protect your roof and two it adds colour to tired and weathered looking surfaces. Please see the picture alongside.

All our sealers are permeable, transparent and impregnate the surface unlike sacrificial sealers which blister & crack with the heat of the sun.