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Ground Works/Algae

We specialise in algae, moss & lichen removal treatments for ground works. We carry out algae treatment on many surfaces at ground level. The process is similar to the work we carry out on the roofs and facades. The results in the pictures above speaks for themselves.

We offer two systems when treating ground works:

Steam Cleaning & Treatment: For instant results.

So with this system although it is more expensive, we end up with instant results after two to three treatments to the surface. We first treat the ground works area with our unique biocide that kills all fungus on the surfaces.  Then after a short period of allowing the product to work, we lightly steam clean & remove the dead debris. In severe cases, we will have to carry out this process 2-3 times to order to bring back the  surface to it’s original state. 

After your ground works has been professionally cleaned, we will review it for the following reasons: 

  1. To make sure there are no damage to the surface.
  2. All groundworks are washed down & left clean.
  3. Report any cracks in the surface to our client that may need attention.
  4. Report any repointing that may be needed or resanding of the cobble that may be needed.

Algae Spores? 

Algae spores are the little black dots that are usually left when you power wash the surface only without treatment. Even with some treatments, they are very difficult to remove. The spore is the root of the algae & if this is not killed and removed then algae will grow back very quickly. Lucky enough, the Nolans Group biocide kills and removes all spores. We have been asked on many occasions after loosing a job to a cheaper contractor price to return to the same job to remove these spores as inexperienced contractors did not know how to remove the same. Please be careful of cheap services as when you buy a cheap carpet, you know upfront but with this service, you will only find out in the end and then it’s too late. There is normally two types of algae found in Ireland. The first one is where the algae is green and turns black with the heat from the sun & second one is red algae which its colour is due to the pigment phycoerythrin. The red algae is little bit more difficult to remove than the black algae. The Nolans Group can look after all funguses to include algae, moss & lichen.

Sealing of Ground Works

So when it comes to sealing, we have two systems to offer you.

  1. To seal the surface with our high end product that has a recoat system of 10 years. We would highly recommend considering sealing the surface following treatment because algae need two elements moisture & shade and with your ground works being sealed the water will bead off your surface, prolonging algae returning. This will also protect the surface from freeze-thaw action in winter which can crack your ground surface and cause a lot of damage overtime.
  2.  The second system we have to offer you is a sealer that has a five year recoat system for tighter budgets.

All our sealers are permeable, transparent and impregnate the surface unlike sacrificial sealers which blister & crack with the heat of the sun.

Tarmac – Sealing & Colour Tinting:

With this system, we treat and remove all algae & moss from the tarmac surface. This will leave your tarmac nice & clean. Please note, it is very important that high pressure power washing is not used on old tarmac surfaces as this will break up the surface & cause a lot of damage. We at the Nolans Group understand that the surface needs to be treated first to kill the moss and algae & once dead, we can steam clean away at low pressure without causing damage to the tarmac. Most contractors skip the treatment process and used high pressure to remove the algae which cause the damage we have spoken about. 

After the cleaning process has been completed, we have an option to apply a colour tinted sealer to the tarmac to bring back it’s natural deep colour & removes the tired & weather look. This system should be considered for two reasons. One as it brings back the deep natural colour of tarmac & two, it seals & protects your tarmac and prolongs the deterioration of the surface. 

Please see picture alongside where the tarmac has been cleaned & a portion has been sealed.

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