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Floor/Epoxy Resin Coatings

A resin floor cannot be used for everything. Our lab has conducted the testing and is aware of the fact that a variety of industrial polymer flooring coating alternatives are necessary in order to offer facilities really efficient concrete flooring solutions. Our variety of resin coating alternatives is one of the broadest lines currently available, offering you the choice you need to safeguard and preserve the flooring in your business.

Resin floor coatings provide a practical and affordable way to safeguard your concrete floor and are appropriate for usage in a range of settings.

They are available in a variety of colours and may provide any industrial location both beautiful and practical qualities. To fulfil safety criteria for a slip-resistant floor, finishes can be put in layers to produce a larger application thickness with a smooth or textured surface.

In order to clearly identify pedestrian and vehicular pathways inside active operations areas, safety demarcation markings may be easily installed on concrete floors using resin floor coatings.

       offered chemical resistance,

       abrasion resistance,

       anti-slip coatings

       Clean and simple to maintain, and hygienic

       Matte or glossy finish

We not only paint the floor; like with all of our floor systems, but also the concrete substrate is thoroughly mechanically surface-prepared before the coating is placed. Additionally, we locate and fix any flaws in the floor slab and make sure that the new floor system replicates all of the old floor system’s joints.


Why We Offer More Types of Resin Floor?

Why do we provide more than five distinct varieties of polymer resin flooring instead of just one or two as is customary? It’s so we can provide clients like you the best options possible.

Concrete needs particular protection if your building is a chemical repackaging factory where floors must endure regular drops and spills of very concentrated acids or alkalis. need something more durable than regular epoxy flooring. No matter how difficult the work, there’s a good chance we have the appropriate polymer resin flooring for it here.

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