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Lime Plastering Services

Internal And External Lime Plastering Services

On the walls of historic buildings, lime plastering functions like a sponge, soaking up water when it rains and letting it evaporate when the weather is dry, keeping moisture from penetrating the wall.

Many older structures were likely lime plastered when they were constructed, and as they age, new lime plastering is needed as part of house lime plastering maintenance.

Lime plastering is a highly distinct sort of plastering from traditional sand and cement plastering, and it calls for a unique set of plastering abilities and expertise to be effectively completed. The proper elements must be used in lime plaster mixtures in order to suit the type of building surface being lime plastered. Although lime plaster ceilings can survive for a very long time, utilising the incorrect lime plaster mixture might cause cracks in the ceiling.

We have a great deal of experience in rendering antique buildings’ ceilings as well as their walls. When lime rendering, it’s crucial to make sure the lime render is applied with the proper pressure in order to achieve the strongest possible bond between the lime mortar and the wall or ceiling.

Applying lime plaster to wooden laths requires sufficient pressure to push the lime plaster between the laths and achieve a solid connection.

Many projects we work on in the conservation & restoration field require repair to internal or external lime plaster. This varies from plain internal/external render to more decorative cornicing/ceiling work. We offer a full range of lime plastering services including lime render, cornicing & lath & plaster ceilings.

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