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Floor Grinding

Floor Polishing - Before/After

Concrete surfaces that are too rough can be smoothed with floor grinding. An abrasive tool with a diamond attachment smooths the uneven surface during the grinding process for the floor. During the initial stage of the procedure, all coatings, stains, and surface cracks are eliminated along with the top layer of concrete.

It’s necessary to assess deeper flaws. Now is the moment to repair them, if possible. To blast debris like pebbles, mud, and concrete pieces out of the fissure, experts utilise a power washer. This makes a tidy pocket for inserting an epoxy repair.

Both wet and dry floor grinding are possible. For the sake of limiting the spread of concrete dust, many enterprises favour wet applications. Both hygiene and safety are served by this. Workers’ lungs may become exposed to coarse concrete dust.

Starting with a coarse metal bond tool, typically 40 grit, is how rough grinding is done. Finer grinding can start once the surface has been ground. Typically, this is done using tools that are 80 grit and completed with 120 grit. For the region to be properly smooth, each step takes at least two passes.

Professionals will add a liquid chemical to the floor after grinding. The substance is applied evenly across the surface with a broom. The chemical has to soak in for at least 30 minutes. However, most workers take a full day off before beginning the final polish. 3000-grit works well if you want a high gloss finish.


High-powered floor grinders are necessary for grinding. High-powered grinders are spherical machines with powerful, revolving polishers covered with diamond. During various stages of the procedure, industrial-strength washers and vacuum cleaners are also employed.

Certain steps of the procedure do call for more sophisticated equipment. During some steps, angle grinders, straight-wheel grinders, and vertical grinders are also employed. Cut-off tools can be used to produce even cuts where needed for clean cuts.


Floor grinders can be rented by homeowners who then do the job themselves. However, for the finest outcomes, we advise picking a reliable concrete grinding business in your neighbourhood. Inquire about prices from nearby concrete companies for your upcoming project.

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