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Why Nolans Group Property Services & Specialist Cleaning?

Nolans Group Property Services and Specialist Cleaning Ltd with nearly 30 years of experience offer a range of property services & specialist cleaning for modern and new build properties nationwide and maintenance contracts for existing buildings. We have an extensive portfolio of satisfied customers within the Construction, Public and Private sector and Local authorities who have sourced us for specialist treatments such as graffiti, paint removal, stone & brick treatments and sand blasting to name a few. For a full list of services provided please see the ‘Property Services & Specialist Cleaning’ section of the website.

Nolan Group has extensive experience in all areas of its craft. We have a large fleet of 25 plus vehicles serving nationwide. 

Our specialist cleaning and sealing solutions protect the natural fabric of our building heritage.

We aim to serve our clients with highest standards of customer service to reach the aim of the project. 

Our fully trained staff are proficient in their areas of expertise. So with this in mind, we are able to roll out our projects in an efficient manner and to help our customers understand what are the realistic goals and end results. With our extensive product knowledge worldwide, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best results keeping our environment in mind. 

We design our projects around our customers time frames with the knowledge that certain parts of the project need to be carried outside normal working hours to allow for pedestrian & motor traffic etc. We have great relationships with local authorities which helps the smooth rollout of works and receiving permits in timely fashion.

Nolan Group Ireland can offer a 100 % guarantee that the best customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our highly skilled staff will meet your expectations of all our projects.

  • Protecting the asset and investment for future generations. 
  • All works carried out to the highest health & safety standards.
  • Highly skilled staff proficient in carrying out large projects.
  • Improve your business image by customer’s first impression to your building.
  • Your project with our knowledge will be executed to the highest standards & timely fashion causing no interruption other contractors on the projects.

Also, check out our conservation and restoration services in Ireland and see what we can do for you. 

For further information, please contact us.


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Roof Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Ground Works

New Brick Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Mastic Jointing

Floor Polishing, Floor Grinding & Floor Resin Coatings

Graffiti Protection Treatment

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Roof Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Ground Works

Roof Cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Ground Works

Floor Polishing, Floor Grinding & Floor Resin Coatings

Floor Polishing, Floor Grinding & Floor Resin Coatings


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