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We at the Nolans Group are experienced to carry out graffiti removal & gum removal protection services successfully to a number of surface areas without leaving any unsightly shadows with our unique removing process.

Following graffiti removal we can provide clients with Graffiti Protection. Our unique graffiti protection system is permeable, transparent and impregnates the surface unlike sacrificial sealers. This system will allow further attacks to be simply removed with hot water. Most importantly it protects the substrate from etching caused by constant chemical treatment. This system should always be used on porous/sensitive substrates.

We can offer one-off services and currently cater for large contracts with shopping centres & commercial buildings.

We have recently become an approved contractor for the DOFF system. The DOFF is a steam based system that can reach temperatures of up to 150°C which makes it ideal for removing unwanted graffiti & paint coatings. The DOFF is an ideal system to use on sensitive substrates as it uses pure steam and in most cases reduces/removes the requirement to use a chemical process.

Gum Removal

Gum is a real issue on our streets and particulary a problem for the retail & hotel industries. We at The Nolans Group use a unique treatment system that breaks down the rubber content which allows gum to be removed quite easily.

We offer 2 options for our clients when it comes to:

Spot Gum Removal 

Where only the gum itself is removed and leaves clean spots on the surface

Full Gum Removal

Where we will remove the gum and the entire surface to which the gum was on to give a uniform finish.

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