Nolans Group

Facade Cleaning – Treatment & Sealing

We specialise in algae, moss & lichen removal treatments for roof concrete tiles & slates.

We offer two systems when treating roofs:

1. Soft Wash System: 

Here you will have to wait for 3- 12 months for end result.

Why use this system? This system is used for two reasons. The first one being is great for tight budgets as there are no hoists needed to carry out these works which reduce the costs. Secondly, this system is used for sensitive substrates like monocouche which is not strong enough as a material to handle steam cleaning. The system consists of pumping our unique biocide up through a large extension pole where we brush the product into the surface which kills all algae, moss & lichen. 

The downside to this system is that you have to wait up to a year for end results to allow for natural weather systems to wash the algae family from your roof.  You can expect the moss ball to blow off & the algae to turn brown & die within the first 8-12 weeks. Finally, the lichen is the last of the family to die off as it produces an acid which allows it to form tightly to the surface. The lichen will dry out after 6 months & naturally wash away over the following 6 months. 

This system has its place in our work systems as it is also very useful for treatment where hoists can not reach & it is better than doing nothing as these funguses can call a lot of damage to your roofs over time. 

2. Steam Cleaning & Treatment: 

For instant results.

So with this system although it is more expensive, we end up with instant results after two to three treatments to the surface. Using a hoist, we first treat the roof area with our unique biocide that kills all fungus on the roof surface.  Then after a short period of allowing the product to work, we lightly steam clean & remove the dead debris. In severe cases, we will have to carry out this process 2-3 times to order to bring back the roof surface to the way it was laid many years ago. 

The steam cleaning is carried out by way of the cherry picker and one of our skilled personnel in the cradle so in most cases, we don’t have to step on the roof. All of our staff are certified to use cherry pickers & for safety reasons, we always use a safety harness while using the cherry picker. The days of running around roofs with roof ladders and no harness are gone for good health & safety reasons. Please be cautious if a company offers to carry out the service of a cherry picker. 

After your roof has been professionally cleaned, we will review it for the following reasons: 

  1. To make sure there are no hip/ridge tiles needed to be rebedded.
  2. Check there are no loose or slip tiles on your roof.
  3. All your gutters are cleaned out & water tested where we will report any leaks.
  4. All facades & groundworks are washed down & left clean.


  1. Asks the contractor how is your roof is going to be cleaned safely & can I see a copy of your method statement. 
  2. Does your product you are using kill all algae spores in writing? May I have a copy?
  3. If it’s a slate roof, how will it be cleaned without anybody walking on it which will break slates?
  4. Which is the best system to use for your budget in mind. 


Sealing of Facades

So when it comes to sealing, we have two systems to offer you.

  1. To seal the facade with our high end product that has a recoat system of 10 years. We would highly recommend considering sealing the facade following treatment because algae need two elements moisture & shade and with your facade being sealed the water will bead off your facade, prolonging algae returning. This will also protect the facade from freeze-thaw action in winter which can crack your facade surface and cause a lot of damage overtime.
  2.  The second system we have to offer you is a sealer that has a five year recoat system for tighter budgets.

All our sealers are permeable, transparent and impregnate the surface unlike sacrificial sealers which blister & crack with the heat of the sun.

Please see in the video where dry brick square appears even when the wall is wet. This is the importance of sealing facades to stop water damages.

Coillete Project HQ 

Here the Nolans Group were involved in the roof cleaning. This was a large project carried over many weeks where we carried out soft wash system to the rear of the building due to no hoists access & to the front we carried out instant result system. We brought back the roof surface to it’s original state lifting the whole look of the building.