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Stainless Steel Treatment

We are specialists in the treatment and passivation of stainless steel on a variety of structures. Stainless steel looks great when first installed but often falls foul to the weather and develops ‘tea staining’. However, our unique methods and products achieve fantastic results as the pictures above will illustrate

To carry out the below passivation treatment to the xxxxx.

  • Power wash / by hand with clean water to remove loose debris.
  • Spray specialist cleaner on all stainless and leave 45 minutes.
  • Power wash / by hand remove the chemical off with deionised water.
  • Immediately mist on wet surface with passivator.
  • Leave 5 minutes and re-wash with deionised water.

We would recommend these works are reviewed every 5-7 years.
Immediate payment is required on completion or by invoice return.

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Notable Projects:

  • Aura Leisure Centre, Banger County: Down
  • Derry Peace Bridge
  • Lidl Group Trolley Bays
  • DAA Terminal 2 Boiler Chimney