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Algae Spores? 

Algae spores are the little black dots that are usually left when you power wash the surface only without treatment. Even with some treatments, they are very difficult to remove. The spore is the root of the algae & if this is not killed and removed then algae will grow back very quickly. Lucky enough, the Nolans Group biocide kills and removes all spores. We have been asked on many occasions after loosing a job to a cheaper contractor price to return to the same job to remove these spores as inexperienced contractors did not know how to remove the same. Please be careful of cheap services as when you buy a cheap carpet, you know upfront but with this service, you will only find out in the end and then it’s too late. There is normally two types of algae found in Ireland. The first one is where the algae is green and turns black with the heat from the sun & second one is red algae which its colour is due to the pigment phycoerythrin. The red algae is little bit more difficult to remove than the black algae. The Nolans Group can look after all funguses to include algae, moss & lichen.

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Completed algae roof removal