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Flush Repointing

Flush repointing

Flush repointing is removing any loose or broken mortar between bricks or stones and replacing it with new mortar. Seasonal changes and the freezing and thawing of water cause holes in the mortar over time. The mortar can’t hold together because the water constantly expands and shrinks.

We will remove by hand or with a machine any loose or broken cement in the mortar joint. Then, we’ll fill the joint with the proper mortar and paint it to match. Colour matching is an art because there are many things to think about, like the type of mortar, colour, etc.


Why do you need flush repointing?

So, what happens when the mortar starts to come apart? As the mortar cracks and falls apart, it lets water in, leading to leaks that get worse over time. It, of course, also makes it hard to use mortar and bricks. It also means that the bricks move or get loose and fall out as the mortar breaks down. All of these things are bad for the structure of your building. Nolan Group helps stop anything like this from happening in your building.


How to Flush repointing is done?

For flush repointing, we clean the joints until they are at least twice as wide as deep.

The repointing can be done indoors, outdoors, in a business, a home, or an old building. And it starts with an analysis, whether it is old mortar, lime putty made from quick lime, hydraulic lime, or new mortar. All of these things that look like cement are different and must be handled differently depending on our clients’ building conditions and needs.

We executed some techniques to stop dust from spreading. This is part of the way we move forward. We don’t know what might have been added to the old mortar, so we do it carefully and get a beautiful result.

For flush repointing in Ireland, hire a professional like Nolan Group. We use both regular mortar and mortar that looks like a brick so that the mortar joints look smoother than they are when the job is done. Contact us if you want, need, and deserve quality results for these services.


We are also incredibly proud of how well we do our jobs. Call us if you need Flushing repointing or other related services. There are many reasons why Nolan Group is the best in the industry, so why don’t we show you in person?

We have carried out a vast number of flush pointing projects around the country. The pointing mortar is pointed flush with the surface of the brick but avoids covering the edges or arises of the brick.

We can meet our clients’ requirements and expectations by first carrying out a sample for approval. We can provide various options to our clients in terms of mortar joint colour by using natural pigments.

Please find some examples of flush pointing work we have carried out in the pictures above. We also provide tuck repointing or wigging repointing under conservation and restoration.

For further information on flush repointing contact us and follow us on Twitter for regular updates.