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At a time when the knowledge and products weren’t available to repair brick & stonework many people opted to paint their buildings as a way of disguising any defects and as a result the natural beauty of many historic structures is hidden beneath multiple layers of paint. However, we are specialists in multi-layer paint removal and have carried out a number of projects in this regard.

Sometimes people ask for paint removal so that stonework would seem more attractive. Exposed brickwork has a certain aesthetic impression that many homeowners enjoy. The removal of paint, however, frequently turns into a necessity rather than a choice. This occurs either because the original surface has to be exposed structurally so that it can breathe, or because the original painting has deteriorated and a new surface needs to be painted on.

We offer paint removal services of the highest calibre, efficient, secure, and reasonably priced. Paint may be removed from a number of surfaces by our professional and knowledgeable experts. The surfaces we are working on, the state of the substrate, and the type of paint being removed all influence our procedure.

We have recently become an approved contractor for the DOFF system. The DOFF is a steam-based system that can reach temperatures of up to 150°C which makes it ideal for paint removal. The DOFF is an ideal system to use on sensitive substrates as it uses pure steam and in most cases reduces/removes the requirement to use a chemical process.

Approved DOFF Contractor

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